Nailing your morning routine - Organic Development Style

Good morning!

Waking up feeling well rested, organised and ready for the day ahead is an amazing feeling - but how often do you actually feel this? Maybe 2 mornings out of the week? Maybe 4?

We’re here to get you nailing your morning routine every morning so you can own your day, and smash your goals.


Whilst none of these ideas will be revolutionary, a little reminder is always helpful. Here are Organic Development’s top 10 tips for getting a perfect morning routine into gear.

  1. Start your prep the night before. If you wear a uniform to work, take it off as soon as you get home, hang it up and place it in an easy to access place for the morning. Or if you need, wash it so that the next day when you put on a fresh set you look and feel amazing. Get your fresh socks and underwear ready to go too! The same goes if you don’t wear a uniform, plan out your outfit, iron if need be and have it ready to go for the morning.

  2. Write a list of things that you’ll need to do the following day. If any of them can be done now in a short period of time - do it. One less task for tomorrow.

  3. When cooking your dinner, make a little extra and put it aside for your lunch or breakfast in the morning - we are all about steak and chicken for breakfast here! Gotta get those healthy fats and proteins in.

  4. Wind down. dedicate some time before bed to properly switch off. put your phone down and on Do Not Disturb, and read a book, or debrief your day with your significant other. We particularly love the guided sleep meditation tracks from the Headspace app.

Now that it is time to wake up…

  1. Fuel your body and get your systems moving! Start your morning with luke warn water, add in some lemon if you have any and some good quality sea salt, or even with a teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar. It’s not particularly tasty, but it does absolute wonders for your digestion.

  2. Get moving. Make the time to move your body. No excuses. If you don’t have enough time for a full workout, do some stretching - especially if you are sitting at a desk for 8 hours. Go for a walk to get your morning coffee, just a little bit of movement will wake the body up and prep it for the day ahead.

  3. Mindfulness. Dedicating 5-10 minutes to mindfulness. Practise meditation, or write down the things that you are grateful for, what you are going to do to make your day amazing and practise self affirmation. A healthy mind is a healthy life!

  4. Listen to good music or your favourite podcast. Uplifting sounds from music or learning something from a podcast is an awesome way to spend your commute in the morning! I’ve heard the Leadership Overdose podcast is pretty good to boost your motivation ;)

  5. Last but not least, involve your partner or loved ones in this. Get up a little earlier together and go for a walk together before going off in your separate ways for the day. A small amount of time dedicated to bonding and really enjoying each other’s day is incredible for your emotional health and will strengthen these relationships and your support systems.

Whilst not anything out of the ordinary, these methods are practised every single day by some of the most successful people around the world. Start small and commit to making some positive changes to your life. Any habit takes time (approx. 3 weeks) to become routine so stick with them and you’ll feel amazing.

Let us know below if you are already practising some of these habits daily or suggest some new ones!