Organic Learning - Book Review - Own The Day, Own Your Life by Aubrey Marcus


Welcome to the first in our series of reviews of Books, Videos, Podcasts and teachers that we believe have something to offer and will educate you to enhance, grow and develop your life.

Own the Day, Own Your Life - Optimized Practices for Waking, Working, Learning, Eating, Training, Playing, Sleeping, and Sex

by Aubrey Marcus

I’ve just finished reading this book and am about to start reading it again. I loved it.

If you are anything like the Organic Development team and are obsessed with human optimisation and learning better ways to nail your daily routine, this book is for you.

I began reading this in hard copy, but also downloaded the audio book on Audible to accompany me on my morning and evening commute. Whilst essentially I’ve paid for the book twice, I love listening to the book and then referencing it again in the hard copy. There I can fold corners and take notes and pin point key lessons I want to implement into my day to day. It also makes me feel like I’m improving my day by learning something important.

Aubrey Marcus is successful, intelligent, charismatic and very funny. He is a thought leader in human optimisation and is passionate about uncovering bio hacks to optimise the body, mind and spirit. The book guides you through every moment of your day and highlights small or large changes we can make to optimize each and every moment, from sunrise to bed time.

Covering an enormous range of topics from food choices, sleeping habits, shower temperatures, mindfulness, sex, movement and work life, Marcus will help you feel empowered and ready to become the best version of yourself. These lessons are often backed with scientific studies, and examples of how some of the world’s best athletes have benefited from them.

If you prefer Audio books, Aubrey is an excellent narrator and is extremely enjoyable to listen to. However the hard copy book also includes several diagrams, recipes and guides that are very useful.

Not all lessons in this book will be applicable to everyone, however it will be near impossible for someone not to take away life changing lessons from what Marcus has to teach.

Aubrey Marcus also has his own extremely successful company Onnit and an awesome podcast.

Final thoughts.

Overall Review – 9.5/10

Would I read it again – ABSOLUTELY

Suitable for? Everyone

 You can buy the book in hard copy here, or on Audible here