LDP with the future leaders of NZ

On Saturday the 9th March, The Organic Development Team delivered our tailored Leadership Development Program to the New Zealand Boarding Schools Association, as well as the Head Boy & Girl from 26 schools across NZ. We worked with the awesome team from Burn Bright Australia to deliver an empowering day full of lessons and leadership skills to the future leaders of NZ.


Our LDP was curated for events such as these, and we modify and customise it depending on the group we deliver it to. Our goal was equipping the students with new and attainable goals to take their leadership to new and meaningful levels. We wanted them to walk away feeling empowered, confident and sure of their leadership capability.  We gave the students proven methods to increase their own personal development so that they can perform at a higher level, and be in control and reduce the impact of stress.


As with all of our programs, we educate the mind, practise with the body and reinforce with realistic activities.  The day was full of activity to confirm the methods taught and the students were put under a little bit of pressure to expose them to low levels of stress so that they could use the tool and see how it worked for them.


The group of students were a great bunch of young adults that were interactive and open to learning some new methods to help them carry out their head of boarding duties to the best of their abilities. The OD team were stoked to deliver the LDP and share the tools they each use that helps them live a stress free life.

We received nothing but positive feedback and saw the students confidence and potential grow massively. It is such a privilege for the Organic Development team to be working with our future leaders. The first step in being a great leader is being able to lead yourself in the right direction.

If you are a school, organisation or team that would love to get involved with a similar program, drop us a message! We’d love to help you out.