Huge success for PNINS AIMS Games team.

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of putting some of the students from Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School (PNINS) AIMS Games team through our Resilience Development Program (RDP).

For a lot of these students heading into a week of competitive games is a lot to prepare for. Resilience and anxiety was a concern for the school Principle and head of the Sports High Performance Program Hamish Ruawai.

That’s where our RDP took control. Over the course of two jam-packed days, we pushed these students to stretch beyond their comfort zones, mentally, physically and emotionally. We put them through a number of fitness tests, teamwork exercises and disciplined drills. For the two days, the group of students participated in all activities as a team. They ate, slept and worked together, this helped to strengthen the team bond. It also allowed for natural leaders to stand out, and team dynamics to form and solidify.

The Resilience Development Program gave the students the tools and confidence to compete in the AIMS Games to the best of their ability.

This week, on the 7th November, we were invited to attend the prize giving ceremony for the students who competed. The results were outstanding. The PNINS mission was to win more medals than previous games. Overall, the students came away with 20 medals and 1 team spirit medal. A true reflection of the programming and the dedication of these students. The schools highest medal haul to date!

After the ceremony our team got to catch up with the students and parents.

Api our resident psychologist mentioned he was super pleased to have a parent thank Organic Development for the impact the RDP had on her daughter. Despite receiving multiple medals at the games, this parent was more impressed with her daughters strength and discipline ‘off the field’ whilst facing adversity outside of the sporting environment. 

Our dedicated instructor Leah noticed that the students received their medals with pride and humility. They knew they had worked hard for such an impressive outcome. Leah was impressed with the way PNINS were united in one goal. Each student and code supported the others when competing. Team development was definitely a huge by-product of the RDP and all people who contributed were recognized.

Some of the students were easily able to recall techniques and lessons we had taught them during the RDP. This proves that our message and impact has stayed with them beyond the direct time we spent with them. They mentioned they had been able to apply these skills in everyday situations.