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“The Resilience Camp that Ben and his team delivered provided essential lifelong skills for our daughter to apply to any environment (school, home, sports, social) as an individual and when within a team. Learning a number of problem solving techniques to draw upon when faced with a mentally and/or physically challenging time was a highlight of the Camp. 

As parents, an ongoing priority is developing our children’s self belief and their inner discipline - the strategies & tools our daughter gained on the camp has greatly assisted these two key areas of her development. Learning the technique of box breathing has been very beneficial, especially before the start of each event at the AIMS Games (and bed making has gone to another level!). 

The Camp provided a tonne of self discovery and many wonderful strategies to help guide and maximise robust mental wellbeing, so timely and relevant for their world today. ”


“This Camp has been one of the best opportunities I have had in my whole entire 11 years. Every moment on camp was way different then I imagined but a lot better. I went into the camp strong but came out even stronger. The instructors were great leaders and I love their competitiveness. I liked how we had booklets to fill in throughout the camp and take them home for the next few days. I would love to be able to do this all again.”


“The resilience camp was a great opportunity to experience I learnt many skills for my sport and for daily activities. The camp really pushed me to limits that I thought were unknown of, we learnt how to work as a team using cooperation and communication during team building exercises. Overall I think this camp has been Challenging but
beneficial for our sport, I have taken away so much from this camp and would definitely recommend it.”


“This Resilience Camp was a hard, challenging experience and it was a very good team effort. Everyone benefited from this camp and they pushed us to our limits that we didn’t even know we had before. If we didn’t make it in time or we did something wrong they made us do it over and over again but that made us want to go harder and harder until we perfected it. This was a very good camp and I highly recommend it.”


“I found the resilience camp a really challenging experience, but I have benefited massively from it. I have applied the resilience techniques I learnt at the camp to challenges that happen from time to time. It definitely tested my limits, and I had to believe in myself that I could do the activities as I found them quite hard. During AIMS, I was strong mentally because of what I learnt at the camp. It was a really awesome experience.”


“I found this camp a fun but a challenging experience I’ll never forget. It really taught me that I can do anything, I remember on the last day at 2.00pm we had the hardest training I’ve ever done. It really pushed me and made me work but it really made me believe that if I can believe in myself I can do it. I won’t just take away the great amount of fitness I got out of it, the mental said as well, such as the resilience techniques. Definitely, recommend.”