Leadership Development Program - LDP


The Leadership Development Program (LDP) is a leadership program that caters for motivated individuals or for low to mid levels of small leadership teams within any organisation such as businesses, sports or schools.

The LDP is designed to challenge the normal leadership type program in the current market by investing personalised development tools and techniques for the individual or leadership group. This is achieved by utilising a coaching, mentoring and accountability concept through self-development tools and techniques. We empower the person to be more confident within their own position by improving their mind-set and skillset.


With over 70 years of combined military and civilian leadership experience, the Organic Development crew have all developed their skills through practical experience and self development practices. Our point of difference: our leadership skills have been tested in adverse and austere conditions and not in a lecture room. Real people with real time experiences.


To coach, mentor and hold individuals accountable to developing themselves so that they may lead with confidence.


A leader who is happy, fulfilled and confident is an effective leader. They can inspire others and develop a positive culture within their team and organisation. With being a strong leader comes:

  • Good communication.

  • Engagement and participation within the entire team.

  • Enjoyment at work.

  • Effective production.

  • Timely and competent decision making.

  • An environment for collaborative approaches.

  • Better people, better homes.

We understand that when people are promoted into a low or middle level type leadership role that they do not necessarily hold the right tools to carry out the role. Organic Development will deliver those tools and empower the person to lead.

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