Episode 2

Chloe Hes The Block - Leadership Overdose Podcast Guest


Leadership Overdose Podcast | Episode 2 | Chloe Hes, Values & Purpose, The Block NZ

Chloe Hes is well known for her appearance on the reality TV show, The Block NZ. The experience has changed her life forever and she describes how this experience has made a huge impact on her life and her perspective on her purpose and values. Chloe is on a mission to find her purpose in life and describes to us her life on The Block NZ and how they have transformed her life. On this podcast Chloe shares with us how important values and purpose are and why we need to have awareness for them. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to all platforms by clicking the link in MY BIO. Please SHARE, LIKE, REVIEW, COMMENT, REPOST and TAG SOMEONE to spread the word and change communities together to create our circle of influence.