Episode 4 - Claire Maxwell

claire maxwell.png

Claire Maxwell is the owner of P3, Pure Physiotherapy and Pilates. Claire’s passion to serve means that she dedicates her spare time to helping others in the sports arena. Dating back to her upbringing in Ireland, she has a desire to empower women and change the mindset of our culture by showing her support and being a positive influence for all women.

In this podcast we will hear how Claire intends to work with Organic Development in our RESfit program utilising a movement assessment tool and both prehab and rehab to help our candidates perform at their peak. How she has used her current mistakes in business as a learning opportunity and how they have shaped who she is today. Claire talks about neuroplasticity and the relationship between an injury and the brain and how important it is towards a speedy recovery. Why she’s interested in breathing pattern disorder and how finding out if you have it can change the way you live. How surrounding yourself with the right people can get you back on the horse when the chips are down. Why moving is so important to living a normal physical functioning life and why her flow and friction system tool is ideal for optimising movement control.

Follow Claire on Instagram @clairemaxwell17 and @purephysioandpilates. Facebook: Pure Physiotherapy and Pilates – P3 Ltd. Email: purephysioandpilates@gmail.com.


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