Episode 8 - Finn Brown - Flow State


Finn Brown is an up and coming Judo champion. He has won accolades as Massey University sportsperson of the year 2017, Silver medal at the Oceania Championships 2017, National Champion U73kg 2016, Auckland international Open Gold, Waikato Bay of Plenty Open Gold and Wellington Open Gold. He talks to us about how he uses self-talk and visualisation. At such a young age he has worked out how he gets into and out of flow state. Finn is aiming to make the NZ Commonwealth games team for 2022 and win gold as well as studying to complete an honours degree in robotic engineering. At the age of only 22 he is an extremely motivated individual. His story is one you want to hear, especially if you are dreaming of going to the next level in your life. His focus and grit are very special, and we were amazed at the conversation that took place. Listen in to find out Finn’s techniques and mindset.

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