Podcast - 9 Scott Elliott - Mental Health

We recorded this podcast episode last week during New Zealand Mental Health Awareness week. We recorded it spare of the moment but this topic is very close to our hearts. We had a very open and honest discussion about our own experiences with mental health and how we have overcome challenges.

My good friend Scott joined me in this discussion and has shared his own journey with mental health and the tools he has explored in the last few years. He also shares how Organic Development led Scott to connect with us and our values. We love that our work is resonating with people and our message has helped people like Scott.

Give the episode a listen and let us know what you think. Share your story with us! Big thanks to Scott for opening up and being so honest with us, a true OD team member.

If you have had any struggles with your mental health, it is so important that you share it with someone. Help is always available to you. Organisations like Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand are working hard to bring awareness and help provide tools for overcoming or living with mental health.

Emily Barnier