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Our Programs

We have specialised programs to develop you and your team in areas such as resilience, wellbeing, leadership, fitness and courage. We also offer tailored programs specific to you or your teams needs. Read below to find out more about what makes the Organic Development experience unique.


Resilience Development Program - RDP

The Resilience Development Program (RDP) is a resilience program conducted in a learning and demanding environment. It has been designed to coach and mentor students both physically and mentally in order to provide them with the confidence, tools and experiences to win under stress in their environment. This program is most suited for students, however can be adapted for any group, team or individual.



Leadership Development Program - LDP

The Leadership Development Program (LDP) is a leadership program that caters for motivated individuals or for managers of leadership teams within any organisation such as businesses, sports or schools.

The LDP is designed to challenge the normal leadership type program in the current market by investing personalised development tools and techniques for the individual or leadership group. This is achieved by utilising a coaching, mentoring and accountability concept through self-development tools and techniques. We empower the person to be more confident within their own position by improving their mind-set and skill-set.