• Discipline • Perseverance • Adaptability • Motivation • Teamwork • Mental and physical endurance • Patience



All candidates must meet the following requirements:

• Medically fit¹

• Minimum fitness standard²


To instil the spirit of belief in an individual so that they may WIN regardless of the environment.


Candidates will emerge with a point of reference to their own resilience threshold. They will be more self-aware, self-reliant and fuelled with self-belief. The program will provide the candidate the ability to function comfortably in a challenging environment and overcome adversity to win. Upon leaving the program they will be a champion to lift the professionalism and performance of the members within their own environment.


RESfit can be tailored to suit any timeframe that will suit the candidate. The preferable minimum duration would be 3 days however, with the rapid pace of life we understand that this may not suit everyone. We will tailor the program to suit your timeframe. RESfit will enable the individual to re-frame and shape the mind by being exposed to challenging environments and situational stress. RESfit is not designed to ‘break’ the candidate but more aligned to prepare individuals to WIN when under stress. The Organic Development team would love to work with you and help you achieve your goals. For more information contact Ben to discuss your requirements.


RESfit is a resilience program conducted in a demanding environment that has been designed to stretch candidates both physically and mentally in order to provide candidates with the confidence, tools and experiences to win in their chosen environment. The program utilises every day basic skills as the platform to place the candidates into challenging environments. Selected basic skills are firstly revised and then practiced throughout the program. Candidates are required to be creative and improvise in order to utilise resources to complete a task. They are exposed to the methods of thinking smarter, self leadership and working as a small team.